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Our Mission

At KtuQbank, We share APJ Abdul Kalam University (KTU) Study materials, Question papers, syllabus, Books, videos and other useful articles for the students. This website is not directly managed by KTU university but we get a lot of support from the faculties and KTU officials to move forward.

We believe that sharing knowledge is the best thing that we could do to our society. Our motto itself is "Questions With Love"

Our Story

We started as we had an idea to give Question Banks for KTU Students which has the questions sorted Markwise, Year-wise, Exam wise and module wise. For this, we decided to add Question papers to the website. Later we decided to add up all the contents which could help KTU students.In addition to that, the question banks will be available to the students shortly with this intention.

We believe in Quality Education and sharing knowledge with students with love. We are always available here for you.

Our Features

We use the latest features to provide our users with the best experience on our website.We are the fastest KTU website which uses advanced HTML5 and other caching technologies to provide the users the best performance.

Facebook live chat on the website with 24 hour Search and chatbot is another specialty. The contents are represented using the best UI available.

Content representation is in the best way possible.

  • We sort the question papers branch wise, Semester wise, Subject wise, Exam wise and Batch wise.
  • We arrange the syllabus branch wise and semester wise. The syllabus is available to download as a single zip file.
  • In Study Materials, the categories goes like Class Notes, Printed Notes and PPT and files are available module wise

We may advertise this website to keep it alive but we make it sure that it won't affect user experience badly. The ads are user-friendly.

Our Question bank is very helpful for the students to go through the University questions easier from the beginning of their semester itself.

Our Journey 

  • Hit Rank below 500k 2018 - present
    The website rank according to alexa reached below 500k and is going down again.
  • Made Available For Public July 2017
    The indexing was turned on and site was deployed after developement stage.
  • KtuQbank Was Born 9th April 2017
    Bought Domain and started Working on the project

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We love helping you. Feel free to contact us. We have the best ways for you contact us.