FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) | KTU

Internals – FAQ

1. How internal marks are awarded in KTU ?
2. What can i do if i missed internal test in KTU?
3. What Will Happen If I Missed Or Failed Lab Exams ? | KTU
4. What Will Happen If I Have Failed In KTU Internals ?
5. What Is Summer Course In KTU ?
6. What Is Contact Course In KTU ?
7. What Is Failed Due To Eligibility (FE) In KTU ?
8. Will My Internals Be Reduced After Comparing with End Semester Marks?
9. How Many Course Repeats Can I Have Without Losing An Year (Indirect Yearback) ?

KTU Examination – FAQ

1. What Are The Fees Collected By The KTU University ?
2. How Grades Are Awarded To Students in KTU ?
3. How Is SGPA And CGPA calculated ?
4. How Can I get My Hall ticket For KTU Exams?
5. Will I Get refund if there is a change in revaluation ?

KTU – Activity Points FAQ

1. Rules for Assigning Activity Points in KTU ?
2. All about internships in KTU | Credit Requirements
3. Top 10 Ways To Earn Activity Points In KTU
4. Opportunities : Don’t Let Money Stop You From Your Start-Up Journey


1. Details About KTU University ?
2. Can Colleges Withhold Students Certificates ?
3. KTU B.Tech Year Back And Credit System